Exodus 12

Exodus 12
*The Passover and the Festival of Unleavened Bread
The Lord instructs Moses to prepare for the Passover Lamb.
The blood is to be placed on the top and sides of the doorway.
The Lord will go through the land of the Egyptians and will spare the Israelites.
The Lord will strike the firstborn in Egypt from the Pharaoh, prisoner to livestock.
At midnight there was a wailing from every house because someone was dead.
*The Exodus
The Pharaoh instructed Moses and Aaron to leave at midnight to worship the Lord.
The people left and asked for silver, gold and clothing from the Egyptians.
The people carried the unleavened dough without yeast.
The people baked the unleavened dough because they did not have time to prepare it.
The Israelites lived in Egypt 430 years and divisions left that night.
The Lord kept vigil over the Israelities.
The Israelites also kept vigil to honor the Lord for generations to come.
*Passover Restrictions
The Lord instructed, if any foreigner wished to join in the Passover meal must be circumcised.
A temporary worker or hired worker may not.
The meal must be eaten inside; not outside. The whole community of Israel must celebrate it.
On that day, the Lord brought all of the divisions out of Egypt.


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