Movie: Pan 2015

My hubby and I enjoyed the Movie Pan. There were many little ones sitting down laughing, giggling and amazed with all the color and action in this movie. It was well done. The flying ships gave extra power to this movie’s mobility from space to sea. If you want a movie with action, color in the name of family, this is the one to see. Y. Alvarado 🙂

Exodus 16 Manna and Quail

Bible Reading
Exodus 16
Manna and Quail
*The people grumbled against Moses in the desert because they were starving.
The Lord said to Moses, “I will rain bread from heaven for the people.”
The people are to go out each day to gather food for that day.
The Lord will test the people to follow instructions.
On the sixth day, they are to prepare what they brought in–twice as much as they gathered.
Moses said the Lord provides manna in the morning and quail meat in the evening.
Moses said, “You are grumbling against the Lord not us.”
Moses said to the people to gather enough for that day–do not keep until the morning.
The people did not pay attention and the manna was full of maggots and smelled next day.
Moses became angry with the people.
Moses said to the people, tomorrow is a Sabbath day, a holy day to the Lord.
Moses commanded the people to bake and boil their meal and save what’s left for the morning.
The next morning the food did not stink or get maggots the next day.
Moses said, “Six days you may gather the food except the seventh day, the Sabbath.”
On the seventh day, the people went out to gather and there was no food.
Moses directed the people to stay where they were and rest on the seventh day.
The Lord spoke to Moses, “Take a jar and put an omer of manna in it.”
The jar of manna is to be preserved before the Lord for generations to come.
Moses, Aaron placed the manna with the tablets of the covenant law to be preserved.
The Israelities ate manna forty years until they reached the land of Canaan.

Exodus 15 – The Song of Moses and Miriam

Bible Reading
Exodus 15
*The Song of Moses and Miriam
Moses and the Israelites exalted the Lord in song.
(Note: The song talks about the Lord’s greatness against the Pharaoh and his army.
How the people were saved because the Lord hurled the enemy into the deep sea.
The people exalted the Lord as He reigns forever and forever.)
*The Waters of Marah and Elim
Moses led the people from the Red Sea to the Desert of Shur.
The people traveled three days without water and they became angry against Moses.
The people arrived at Marah which means bitter because the water was unfit to drink.
The people cried to Moses the water was bitter. What are they to drink.
Moses called upon the Lord. He commanded Moses to throw a piece of wood upon the waters.
The waters became fit to drink.
The Lord instructed the people if they obey his commands no illnesses would come upon them.
The Lord said He would heal them.
The people came to Elim where there were twelve springs and seventy palms.
The people camped near the water.