2015 “My Movie Review of San Andreas”

Hubby and I saw this movie yesterday with “The Rock” or Dwayne Johnson playing the helicopter pilot. The San Andreas fault lines was the theme, the mover and the shaker of the story. All the scenes were devastating from Nevada to the coast of California.

The real story was centered around The Rock and his family. Before the earthquake, The Rock’s wife was ready to move in with a new partner and the teenage daughter accepted this new relationship. She loved her father. As the story continued, The Rock revealed his second daughter had died in a water accident where he tried to save her and he blamed himself for her death.

In the movie, The Rock’s wife got caught in the rubble and weight of the 9.0+ earthquake. She communicated to him by cell, and he told her to tell others to meet him at the top of the building where she was having dinner. He saved her through gut wrenching emotion and physical devastation. While they searched for their daughter, they really learned why their relationship failed. It was due to the death of their daughter. The Rock could not discuss it and the wife was angry at him because of the lack of communication.

The Rock became emotional, caring and began communicating his real feelings, his heart and his inability to save his daughter. The wife finally appeared ready to hear him. During this time, the daughter used her cell phone to contact her father and said she was trapped in a car and needed help. She told him that the mother’s boyfriend had left her trapped in the car and did not return. The mother learned of the boyfriend’s failure to save her daughter, and she cursed him.

The main story was not the earthquake but the “earthquake” between two people. Their lives were crushed, divided and detached. This was the chance for a potential divorce to be prevented and their marriage to be rebuilt. Restoration in marriage takes effort, love and unity between a man, a woman, and a child. ~Y. Alvarado

Dead Batteries Bring Life

My hubby and I recently celebrated our wedding anniversary. My Canon PowerShot was posed to take our picture by a waiter but the batteries were low. He tried a few shots and got one with my eyes closed. We thanked him. The next young waiter came by and he took some clear shots of us. In the meantime, we were celebrated by the Mariachi group. As they were drawing their violins and song, a lady nearby offered to take a picture but the camera died due to low batteries. In the meantime, a fellow a few feet away rescued our evening with his Smartphone and took a picture of us with the Mariachi.

The dead batteries were an offering for friendship, pictures and building a happy memory. We thanked our new photographer and our evening was complete with love, song and new life. ~Y. Alvarado