Bible Exodus 39 – Priestly Garments

Bible Reading
Exodus 39
The Priestly Garments
From the blue, purple and scarlet yarn they made woven garments for ministering in the sanctuary. They also made sacred garments for Aaron, as the Lord commanded Moses.
**The Ephod
The Ephod was made with gold, blue, purple scarlet yarn and finely twisted linen.
Thin sheets of gold were hammered into strips.
The shoulder pieces attached to two of its corners to be fastened.
A waistband was made by skillful hands of the blue, purple and scarlet yarn with twisted linen.
All was to be done by skilled workers according to what the Lord commanded Moses.
**The Breastpiece
They fashioned the breastpiece—the work of a skilled craftsman. They made it like the ephod: of gold, and of blue, purple and scarlet yarn, and of finely twisted linen.
It was square, double and mounted with four rows of precious stones.
There were 12 stones representing the sons of Israel, engraved with the twelve tribes.
For the breastpiece they made braided chains of pure gold, like a rope.
The breastpiece was fastened with gold rings,gold settings, and braided chains.
The breastpiece was attached to the ephod according to the Lord’s command to Moses.
**Other Priestly Garments
They made the robe of the ephod entirely of blue cloth—the work of a weaver— with an opening in the center of the robe,
The hem was decorated with gold bells and pomegranates.
The robe was to be worn when ministering before the Lord as commanded Moses.
The sacred emblem made of pure gold was attached to the turban as the Lord commands.
**Moses Inspects the Tabernacle
So all the work on the tabernacle, the tent of meeting, was completed.
The Israelites did everything just as the Lord commanded Moses.
All the pieces of the tabernacle were brought to Moses by the skilled craftsman.
The Israelites had done all the work just as the Lord had commanded Moses. Moses inspected the work and saw that they had done it just as the Lord had commanded. So Moses blessed them.

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