Exodus 33 Land of Milk and Honey

Bible Reading
Exodus 33
**Land of Milk and Honey
God asked Moses to leave this place and go to the land I promised to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob.
God promised an angel to drive out the Canaanites and the inhabitants of the land.
Moses and the people were to go to the land flowing with milk and honey without God.
God said the people were stiff necked and he might destroy them.
The people began to mourn and God said to take off their ornaments as He decided what to do.
**The Tent of Meeting
The Lord asked Moses to pitch a tent outside the camp.
The people arose and stood outside their own tent watching Moses as he entered the Tent.
They all stood and worshiped outside their tent, as Moses went into the Tent with God.
God spoke to Moses as a friend. Moses would return to the tent except Joshua son of Nun.
**Moses and the Glory of the Lord
Moses asked God who will go with him and the people, and God found favor in Moses.
Moses said to God this is your nation.
The Lord replied, “I will go with you Moses and give you rest.”
God said to Moses, “I will go with you, I am pleased with you and know you by name.”
Moses asked God to show his glory to him.
The Lord said to Moses, “You may see my goodness but not my face.”
I will put you in the cleft of the rock and you may see my back but not my face.


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