Exodus 32 The Golden Calf

Bible Reading
Exodus 32
The Golden Calf
**The people saw Moses was long in coming down from the mountain.
They gathered together around Aaron and desired to make gods.
They saw Moses who brought us up out of Egypt had not returned.
Aaron told the people to bring their wives, sons and daughters who wore gold jewelry
The Israelites did as Aaron had said. Aaron made a golden calf.
He announced a festival to the Lord and the next day the people sacrificed burnt offerings.
They sat down to eat and drink and got up to indulge in revelry.
The Lord commanded Moses to go down the mountain because the people were corrupt.
They bowed down to the golden calf and sacrificed to it.
They worshiped the idols as their gods who brought them out of Egypt.
God commanded Moses to leave him because he was angry and would not destroy them.
He will make the Israelites into a great nation.
Moses asked God to be merciful to the people and relent his anger.
Moses asked God to remember Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.
To remember he would make their descendants the stars in the sky.
You promised to give this land as an inheritance forever.
Moses Came Down the Mountain
**Moses took the two tablets down the mountain.
The tablets were written on front and back by the hand of God engraved on the tablets.
Joshua heard the noise and the people shouting, he said to Moses their is a war in the camp.
As Moses approached the camp, he saw the calf and dancing and broke the two tablets.
He took the calf and burned it, grounded to powder, scattered the powder on the water.
He made the people drink the water.
Moses asked Aaron why he did this. He said the people were angry.
He said the people commanded him to make gods who will go before us.
Moses said whoever is for the Lord come to me. The Levites came to him.
Moses said the Lord, the God of Israel said to take a sword.
The Levites were to go and kill his brother, friend and neighbor.
That day 3,000 people died.
The next day Moses told the people he will go before the Lord to atone their sins.
Moses asked God to forgive the people of the sin of idolatry.
If not, Moses said to God, then blot me out of this book you have written.
The Lord said whoever has sinned against him will be blotted out of the book.
Now lead the people to the place I have spoken of led by my angel.
When the time comes, I will punish the people.
The Lord struck the people with a plague because of what they did with the calf Aaron made.



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