Exodus 24 The Tabernacle’s Altar, Courtyard and Lampstand

Bible Reading
Exodus 27
**The Altar of Burnt Offering
God instructed Moses to build an altar of acacia wood according to God’s design.
God required a horn at each corner, an altar in once piece overlaid with bronze.
All the altar’s utensils, rings, poles made with bronze with the altar hollow out of boards.
**The Courtyard
God plans the courtyard for the tabernacle according to God’ design.
The curtains of fine linen, posts and bases in bronze and silver hooks and bands.
The curtains are to be made of blue, purple, scarlet yarn and finely twisted linen.
All the articles in service of the tabernacle are to be made of bronze.
**Oil for the Lampstand
Command the people to bring you clear oil of pressed olives to keep the light burning.
The lamps are to burn from evening to morning as a lasting ordinance for all generations.



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