Exodus 25, Tabernacle, Ark, Table and Lampstand

Bible Reading
Exodus 25
*Offerings for the Tabernacle
God told Moses to collect an offering from the people: gold, silver, yarn, linen, olive oil.
Fragrance, and other precious stones to be mounted on the ephod and breastpiece.
God wants a tabernacle made with these furnishings exactly like the pattern I will design.
You are to make a sanctuary for me to dwell and I will dwell among the people.
*The Ark
God wants an ark of acacia wood overlaid with gold and gold molding.
The ark is to be built exactly in the dimensions God gave to carry the ark of the covenant.
The tablets were to be placed in the ark with the covenant law God gave to Moses.
God wants an atonement cover of pure gold and exact dimensions he gave to Moses.
God wants a cover between the cherubs to carry the ark of the covenant law.
God will meet Moses to give him the commands for the Israelites.
*The Table
God told Moses to make a table of acacia wood with exact dimensions and gold molding.
God wants the plates, dishes, pitchers, bowls made of gold.
God wants the bread of the Presence on the table before Him at all times.
*The Lampstand
God wants a lampstand of pure gold with buds, blossoms, flowers and six branches.
God gave the exact dimensions as part of one pure gold lampstand.
God wants seven lamps upon the lampstand to light the front space.
The wicks and trimmers are to be made of pure gold.
God wants the lampstand exactly as he showed Moses the pattern upon the mountain.



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