The Wandering Coat

The wandering coat needed someone to cover. We found that person over the weekend. A young man in his late 20s was sitting at the restaurant where we visited. He looked like someone hit him in the right eye. He kept scratching the area and combing his hair with his fingers. He looked scruffy and needy. He sat down waiting for something. Soon a woman came over and gave him a cup. He took it and went to get something to drink. My husband had an extra coat to give away. My husband went to the car and brought it to this young man. He told my husband he was waiting for some food. The people who came in with him were buying for him. He soon ate the food, put the jacket underneath his jacket and went on his way. This is probably the most satisfaction we would have during this Christmas season.

The idea of Christmas is not just to keep getting but to give when someone cannot return a gift to you. We were happy to do it, and grateful to see this man walk out and survive another day or so. Merry Christmas to all. I hope you will find gift giving is worthy when the return is only a smile or a thank you. Merry Christmas to all of you. ~Y. Alvarado

Lonely at Christmas?

Feeling lonely at Christmas? I am sure you are not alone. Christ came as a babe to bring you into the heart of love. He came in humility to build his kingdom. Look for salvation in the babe Jesus. You will know what true Love is all about. God has a plan for you, a hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11 Amen. ~Y. Alvarado

Exodus 22 Protection of Property and Social Responsibility

Bible Reading
Exodus 22
**Protection of Property
Rules apply to personal property, payment for bloodshed, and restitution before judges.
**Social Responsibility
Judging against sexual relations with virgin or animal, sacrifices to other gods, abuse of widow or fatherless, taking advantage of needy, do not blaspheme God.
Do not hold back first offerings, give God firstborn son as cattle and sheep; give them to God on eighth day. You are to be holy. Do not eat the meat of an animal torn by wild beasts–throw to dogs.

Exodus 21 Hebrew Servants and Personal Injuries

Bible Reading
Exodus 21
*Hebrew Servants
Rules applicable to time, family and master’s of slaves.
A Hebrew servant serves six years and goes free in the seventh without paying.
A Hebrew servant given a wife may choose to stay and be a servant for life.
*Personal Injuries
Rules applicable to death, attacks, kidnapper, curses father or mother, people quarrel, victim.
Rules continue to be judged–injuries, owner of bull, ox, donkey, payment to owner.
Rules continue regarding bull injures someone else’s, exchange of bull for payment.