Exodus 14: Crossing the Red Sea

Bible Reading
Exodus 14
Crossing the Red Sea
The Lord said to Moses, “Tell the Israelites to turn back and encamp near the sea.”
The people were wandering the land in confusion, hemmed in by the desert.
The Lord will harden the Pharaoh’s heart and he will pursue them.
The Lord will gain glory by Pharaoh and his army and said, “I will be lifted up.”
The Pharaoh said, “What have we done?” We have lost their services.
The Pharaoh prepared his army and 600 chariots with officers to pursue the people.
The Lord hardened the Pharaoh’s heart and the army sought the people in boldness.
The army overtook the people and they camped by the sea opposite Baal Zephron.
The people saw the Egyptians and were terrified; the people said we were better serving.
Moses said, “Do not be afraid, stand firm and you will see what the Lord will do today.”
The Lord told Moses to move on into the sea by stretching his hand out over the water.
The angel of the Lord and the pillar cloud moved behind them.
There was darkness on the army’s side and light on the people’s side.
The east wind blew and divided the waters to the right and left that night.
The Lord looked down and threw the Egyptian army in confusion.
The Lord jammed the chariots wheels so the army had difficulty driving.
The Pharaoh pursued the people with horses and chariots–not one survived.
Moses stretched his hand over the sea to cover the Egyptians, chariots and horseman.
The people saw the dead Egyptians on the shore.
The people feared the Lord and put their trust in Moses his servant.


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