Ricki and the Flash Movie “Tidbit Review”

Ricki and the Flash Movie

My hubby and I enjoyed seeing Meryl Streep and Rick Springfield together in the movie Ricki and the Flash. Meryl is a charm and Rick strums her heart on stage. Meryl is a real rock and roller and played good music with Rick! She is still a star behind the guitar and her rocking braids!  We loved the music with a a cold cherry-coke and hot popcorn!  ~Y. Alvarado

Pumpkin Table

A world is filled with pumpkins,
Find the solid base is filled with flesh,
Carve the inside and find success,
Pull the strings of the fruit and find life.
Look within and find seeds inside,
Make life enjoyable and decorate your home,
Family and friends will dine at your table. ~Y. Alvarado

Exodus 7 – God’s Judgment Upon Egypt

Exodus 7
The Lord will harden Pharaoh’s heart and lay the mighty hand of judgment on the Egyptians.
Moses and Aaron did what the Lord said. Moses was 80 and Aaron was 83 at that time.
The Lord said when the Pharaoh asks for a miracle, have Aaron throw the staff down.
The staff will turn into a snake. The Pharaoh summoned the sorcerers and they did the same.
Aaron’s snake swallowed up their staffs.
Pharaoh’s heart became harder against Moses and Aaron.
The Lord told Moses the Pharaoh refuses to let my people go. Go meet him at the Nile.
Take the staff that changed to a snake and say to Pharaoh:
“Because you refused to let my people go to worship me in the wilderness.
Because you did not listen to me, with this staff I will strike the Nile.’
The water will turn to blood, the fish will die and the stench everywhere.
All the pools of water will turn to blood. The people will not be able to drink the water in cups or bowls; the Pharaoh’s wise men performed the same by their secret arts.
The Egyptians dug along side the Nile to get drinking water.
After seven days had passed the Lord struck the Nile.

Bible: Exodus 4 – Signs for Moses

Bible Reading
Exodus 4
Moses said to God, “What if they do not believe me or listen to me?”
The Lord said, “What is that in your hand?” Moses said, “A staff.”
The Lord said, “Throw it on the ground.” The staff became a snake.
Moses reach out your hand and hold onto the snake and it will return to a staff.
This was a sign to Moses so they may believe in me and your fathers before you.
Moses was told to reach his hand in his cloak, he took it out and his hand was leprous–white.
The Lord instructed Moses to return his hand into his cloak–it was restored like his flesh.
The Lord said if they do not believe you after these two signs, take some water from the Nile.
Pour the water on the floor and it will turn to blood said the Lord.”
But Lord, Moses said, “I am slow in speech.”
The Lord said, “Who gave humans their mouth, their eyes to see, their tongue to speak?”
The Lord said, “I will teach you what to say.”
The Lord’s anger was against Moses, for Moses said, “What about my brother?”
The Lord said, “I will teach both of you what to say.”
Moses spoke to his father-in-law Jethro he wished to see his family in Egypt, if they were alive.
The Lord said to Moses, “The people who wanted to see kill you are dead.”
Moses put his wife and sons on a donkey and took the staff of God.
The Lord told Moses even he will give him the power to perform these signs.
The Lord said he will harden the heart of Pharaoh and he will not let his people go.
Moses said to Pharaoh, “You refused to let Israel go to worship me. I will kill your firstborn son.”
The Lord prepared to kill Moses on his journey. Moses’ wife Zipporah circumcises their son.
The Lord left Moses alone. The Lord told Aaron to meet Moses in the wilderness.
Aaron met Moses and Moses told Aaron about the signs he was to perform.
Moses brought the elders of the Israelites together and told them of the Lord’s commands.
He performed the signs and they believed.
Moses said, “The Lord was concerned for them and their misery.”
The people bowed down and worshiped the Lord.