Woodlawn the Movie “My Review”

My hubby and I watched Woodlawn the Christian movie over the weekend. This takes place during the ‘70s when the hair is all the rage so is discrimination. The main character is the Christian chaplain who comes to “talk” to the sports team at Woodlawn High School. Tony “No. 22″ is a young black man who becomes the football receiver of this movie. No. 22 has no confidence in his skills and completely relies on his parents for support and focus and God. His parents are a strong representation of what a family should be. I love the mother, she is strong, focused and loves her family.

The coach of the football team is focused on winning his way, but the team is divided by color and racial tension. What the chaplain does is to bring them together under the power of Christ. It goes uphill from there.

The team works together when others say it should not be. Through the power of prayer–unity in Christ is the true focus and winner of this movie.

Christ will right the wrongs, choose the best–not the worse, and guide you into the winning position. Christ will throw the ball to you for a winning score. Don’t stand and think about it, go, run and be part of the perfect play.

Dedicate your life to Christ! The final pass to win is in your hands–go and win! Amen. ~Y. Alvarado


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