Exodus 1 – Israelites Oppressed by Pharaoh into Forced Labor

Bible Reading
Exodus 1
The Israelite’s Oppressed
Israel’s sons are named for a total of seventy descendants. Joseph and his brothers died.
Israelites were very fruitful and multiplied greatly and the land was filled with them.
The new king in Egypt feared the Israelites because they increased in numbers.
Israelites were turned into slaves and were oppressed by the Egyptians.
Israelites were to forced to labor in brick and mortar and were worked ruthlessly.
Israelites were oppressed but they multiplied and spread.
The king of Egypt asked the Hebrew midwives to kill the baby boy; if a girl, let her live.
The midwives answered the king and said the Hebrew women are strong and give birth quickly.
The midwives were afraid of God, God gave them families of their own,
The Pharaoh gave this order, “Every Hebrew boy must be thrown into the Nile.
He ordered every Hebrew girl to live.”


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