Genesis 47 Joseph’s Family

Genesis 47
Joseph’s Family Settles in Egypt
Bible Reading
Joseph explained to the Pharaoh his family is from the land of Canaan.
Joseph presented his five brothers before Pharaoh and came with everything they had.
Pharaoh asked, “What is your occupation?” They replied we are shepherds as our fathers.
Joseph’s brothers said, “Your servant’s flocks have no pasture.”
Pharaoh spoke to Joseph and asked him “to settle your father and brothers on the land.”
Pharaoh asked how old Jacob was and he answered 130 years of difficult years.
Joseph also provided food according to the number of their children.
Joseph and the Family
Egypt and Canaan wasted away due to the famine.
Joseph collected from the Egyptians their money, livestock, horses in exchange for the food.
Joseph bought all the land because the famine was severe for all.
Egyptians said, “You have saved our lives and may we find favor and bondage to Pharaoh.”
Joseph established a law that a fifth of all produce belongs to the Pharaoh to this day.
The Israelites settled in the region of Goshen and were fruitful and increased in number.
Jacob lived in Egypt 17 years and asked, “Joseph, please bury me with my fathers.”
Joseph promised and Israel worshiped as he leaned on his staff.


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