Mr. Holmes – My Movie Review

Mr. Holmes My Movie Review
My hubby and I saw this movie yesterday. This film moved slowly with many parts to it. I enjoyed Mr. Holmes’ character but I found him sterile. He was good at figuring out the journey of those around him. He kept getting lost due to lack of memory and/or drive.

The young boy who kept figuring out Mr. Holmes’ story was excellent. His eyes and body language spoke volumes of human understanding. I felt Mr. Holmes became renewed with the boy’s enthusiasm of his unfinished story.

The husband of the woman who had two miscarriages asked Mr. Holmes to follow her and see where she was going. This woman played her part efficiently and was relentless to see her children laid to rest.

The husband did not understand his wife’s whole heart. He lost her in the elements of the story. I can see where men do not understand women. Today’s pregnancy is considered an event without the real living of a human being in the beat of a heart, breathing, moving within the mother’s body.

The movie was patchy moving from one scene to another. It was the small scenes that seemed to draw for human interaction. The story of the bees who left stings to wasps who did not. The bees worked for the queen much like the concept of British life.

The end came with more completion through a missing glove, body stings and the transfer of life from one human being to the next. Mr. Holmes finished his story. Life was fulfilled at the end where Mr.Holmes went to his knees with raised hands to remember and honor his friends. Symbolism of life was reflected in the lifting of hands, the mother’s willingness to became a beekeeper and a little boy’s life being restored. Faith restores the fear of others in life and death.Mr. Holmes and the mother gained a new vision for life through the eyes of a child. ~Y. Alvarado


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