Genesis 38

Bible Reading
Genesis 38
Judah and Tamar
Judah married a Canaanite woman, He married her and she gave birth to three sons.
Judah got a wife for his firstborn, but Er was wicked and the Lord put him to death.
Judah told his son, Onan, “Sleep with your brother’s wife” to fulfill your duty.
Onan knew his sister-in-law was pregnant and spilled his seed and the Lord put him to death.
Judah asked his daughter-in-law Tamar to live as a widow in her father’s household; she did.
Judah’s wife died, the daughter of Sua; Judah grieved; he went to to shear sheep.
Tamar took off her clothes and covered herself with a veil as a prostitute.
Judah’s youngest son Shelah was promised to Tamar, but he had not grown up.
Judah saw Tamar clothed and said, “Come now, let me sleep with you.”
Tamar asked, “What will you give me?” Judah promised her a young goat.
Tamar asked for a pledge from Judah. He gave her his seal, cord and staff in his hand.
Judah slept with Tamar and she became pregnant with his child.
Tamar put her widow’s clothes on again.
Judah looked for Tamar (dressed as shrine prostitute); she could not found.
Judah was told Tamar was a prostitute and was pregnant.
Judah called for Tamar to burn her to death!
Tamar sent the seal, cord and staff to Judah.
Judah called Tamar more righteous than he was and did not sleep with her again.
Tamar gave birth to twin boys; the midwife put a scarlet thread on the first one.
Second son came out before the first one.
The firstborn was named Perez.
The second born was named Zerah.

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