Genesis 32

Bible Reading
Genesis 32
Jacob Prepares to Meet Esau

Jacob sends his servants to give a message to Esau his brother that he had been staying with Laban. He now has cattle, donkeys, sheep, goats and male and female servants.
Jacob’s messengers returned saying Esau will come to meet him.
Esau comes to meet Jacob with 400 men.
Jacob was afraid and separated the people and cattle into two groups.
Jacob believed if Esau attacked one group, the other group would escape.
Jacob prayed to the Lord to save him from his brother Esau.
Jacob said if Esau asked “Who do you belong to and who owns these animals?”
Jacob said, tell Esau, “These are gifts to you.”
Jacob took his wives and sons across the ford of the Jabbok, and all his possessions.
Jacob was alone that night a wrestled with a man until daybreak.
Jacob overpowered the man, the man touched the socket of Jacob’s hip and wrenched it.
The man said to let him go because it was daybreak.
The man asked who he was, and he answered, “Jacob.”
The man said he was called Israel because he fought with God and humans and overcome.
Jacob limped after that and the Israelite do not eat the tendon attached to the socket to hip


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