Star Wars

One very windy day, my hubby and I were walking at the park. As we approached a turn, there was a lonely, small Star Wars kite on the ground. I am a mature person, but felt like a child again. I picked up the kite. I noticed there was about six feet of string left before the broken part handle. As we started walking, I lifted the kite beside me and there it went. It was flying, twirling and flowing against and with the wind. I enjoyed about 20 minutes of walking with this little unwanted kite.

As we neared our destination, I put the kite away in my car. A few weeks later, we were visiting grandchildren. The youngest grandchild is a male about seven years old. We were coming out of the car and he saw the kite. My hubby gave him the kite. This young child was so happy and pleased with the kite. It made our day to share something unwanted.

What appears unwanted, thrown out and forgotten can actually be a gem in the life of a child. We were very happy this unwanted item was wanted once again. ~Y. Alvarado


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