Hide and Go

We just had our county fair last week. I enjoyed visiting the livestock area. As I was taking pictures of these lively creatures, I played hide and seek with a huge Jersey cow. As I spoke to this cow, its wide face and protruding ears would peer at me behind the gate. I asked the cow, how are you? It took time to look at me and wait. The cow would then go back down and eat. Again, I started another conversation with it. The cow returned back up to see me. We played this way a few times. I realized that a cow can do more than eat, it communicatesIMG_4195. Well, this Jersey cow made my afternoon a pleasurable one.

We can learn to communicate with beings outdoors and our world becomes smaller and easier to live in. We all need a “how are you today” kind of day. I hope this story encourages others to go outside and make our world yours! ~Y. Alvarado

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