Genesis 31 NIV

Genesis 31
Bible Reading
Jacob Flees From Laban
Laban and his sons were distant to Jacob.
The Lord said to Jacob return to your homeland and I will be with you.
Jacob asked his wives to return to him. He stated their father has changed his attitude.
Jacob said Laban has cheated me and changed my wages ten times.
Jacob stated that if all the flocks were speckled or streaked the young were the same.
Jacob stated the Lord has given all the flocks to him.
Jacob stated in a dream all the flocks, were speckled, streaked or spotted.
The Lord stated all the flocks were so and knew what Laban was doing to Jacob.
Rachel and Leah asked about their inheritance from their father.
Rachel and Leah believed all the flocks belonged to them as well.
Jacob put his children and wives on camels to go back to Isaac his father.
Rachel stole her father’s household gods.
Jacob did not tell Laban he was fleeing with all he had across the Euphrates.
Laban Pursues Jacob
On the third day, Laban was told Jacob had fled and pursued Jacob for seven days.
God said to Jacob do not tell Laban anything good or bad.
Laban caught up with Jacob and asked why he deceived him and fled.
Laban asked Jacob why he stole his gods and allowed him to search his tents.
Rachel sat on the gods on her saddle but Laban found nothing.
Jacob told Laban he worked 20 years for him; 14 years for his daughters and 6 for flocks.
Jacob and Laban agreed to set up a heap as an agreement.
Laban said he would not go past this heap to harm Jacob nor Jacob to harm Laban.
A sacrifice was made and meal prepared.
Laban kissed his family and blessed them and returned home.

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