Life, Trees and You

As we set our sights on Winter, we see trees holding their ground. Limbs are extending toward heaven and wait to yield their fruit. As it appears dead in winter, life is moving within. Each bud is growing awaiting the moment to bloom. It takes a lot of power to open one bud. The Lord will allow old man winter to gust and rage until those buds open. It is not an easy task to open life. 

It is wonderful to see life upon the naked branches. They are exposed to sunlight, rain and wind. These elements are necessary to bring the bloom. So it is with your life. God sees you in your mother’s womb. You start as an embryo within the womb. Yet, God said I knew you there. It is wonderful to know God cares. He joined you with mother and father and allowed you to grow within. 

Look at life with purpose. See the examples of the tree, human growth and God’s plan for your life. You are considered important in God’s world. Take time to let him know you are grateful. Your life will be stronger for it. Image


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